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Affordable Best Getaways for Thanksgiving Weekend | Tips

Affordable Best Getaways for Thanksgiving Weekend

Fill your long weekend of Thanksgiving with lots of fun and joy instead of stress. Take a glance over the following  Affordable Best Getaways for Thanksgiving Weekend for the vacations ideas of Thanksgiving weekend.

Affordable Best Getaways for Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are some of the ideas for Affordable Best Getaways for Thanksgiving Weekend.


  • This city is the capital of Iceland. It is the largest coastal city in Iceland. This is one of the best city to visit in winter. It has plenty of sightseeing beauties because of the coastal location. This is the best destination for those wants to fly in their budget.

Cabo San Lucas

  • It is located in Mexico. The city during November has many things to do like fishing and also a chance of watching whales also. This city is famous for water sporting. This is best for those who want an escape from the stress.


  • This is also a coastal hilly capital of Portugal. The city has old pastel-colored buildings, National Azulejo Museum,..etc. Apart from these places, it has a beautiful coastal area with scenic beaches. Spending a day roaming those places just relax at the affordable resort which is nearby to the beaches.


  • We mostly heard this in the times of mysterious. But, this is one the beautiful unpolluted place with Pink colored sand at beaches. But in truth, the hotel to stay here are affordable for us and fits in the budget.

Pigeon Forge

  • This is the mountain town of Tennessee. It is suitable for those people who want to celebrate thanksgiving day away from home. However, this place is famous for the festival celebration on Thanksgiving day. we can have fun visiting the Titanic museum, smoky mountain Opry theater, Flyaway indoor skydiving…etc


  • It is a place located in Italy. Not only for this season Italy is the perfect vacation a spot to fly away whenever you free stress. So, this is the best for the stressful Thanksgiving. But during Thanksgiving weekend this city will be less crowded which help us to visit opera performances and theaters with less crowd.