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Black Rock Desert Nevada Burning Man | Travel Guide Tips

Black Rock Desert Nevada Burning Man

Have you heard about the event of Burning Man at Black Rock Desert, Nevada? Well, some of you right! this article will let you know and gives lot of information regarding Black Rock Desert Nevada Burning Man, Burning man Map, and Burning Man App.

Black Rock Desert Nevada Burning Man

About the event:

This is the annual event which celebrates at Black Rock Desert, Nevada. It is the 9 days community gathering at the desert with some of the principles like participation, gifting, Radical Self-expression, decommodification….etc. This event comes at the end of the summer i.e from last Sunday of August to the first week of September every year.

The first man was burned by Larry Harvey & Jerry James. They prepared a wooden man and burn at baker beach. From then it became an annual event to prepare a huge wooden man and burn him on the Saturday evening of those nine days. The people who attend this event are called burners. These burners stay her in the tents and RV brought by them. People of burner roam here with their bicycles, and cook their food, dance, and drink together, make art…etc. Every year this event will announce a theme and people of burners will participate with the costumes according to the theme.

Burning Man Map:

As this is the temporary city arranged by the participants and also by volunteers of the Department of Public Works. The city is arranged in the series form of concentric streets in an arc composing. As the participants increase the radial streets or avenues will increase towards the outermost of the arc. Depending on the theme of the year these streets will name accordingly. But usually, it has the clock layout.

Burning Man Map

What is a Burning Man App

However, it is difficult to navigate in those radial streets with the clock layout so they provide an App for this. This provides an offline map, compass, and a guide to the burning man art festival.

What is a Burning Man App

In addition, it also provides

  • We can pin our bike location.
  • Tell what happening around you
  • Displays your location at the playa.