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Best Cool Things to do in Savannah GA

Getting bored with the routine weekend schedule? Why don’t you plan a weekend to spend in a very memorable way? The United States has many places to spend in a weekend. Among those places, Savannah in Georgia is one of the best to spend a fun full time. So before packing your bags just go through some Best Cool Things to do in Savannah GA, Average Temps in Savannah GA, Savannah GA Beaches.

Best Cool Things to do in Savannah GA

About Savannah GA:

This fifth largest Georgia’s city is the oldest among the United States. The city lies on the river Savannah. The word Savannah comes from the Savannah River which is derived from the word “Shawnee”. The  Algonquian Word Shawnee means Southerners/Salt where the North American people occupied this place heading along with the river Savannah. Savannah is the city with tradition and innovation. It is also one of the seaport areas in the U.S.

Average Temps in Savannah GA:

The above is some information regarding the city Savannah. But what about the Average Temps in Savannah GA…? Well, Average Temps in Savannah GA and the climate of Savannah is Humid Subtropical. So, the temperatures will vary between 41°C in the very hot summer season and -16°C in Winter Season. On that account, the best time to visit this city in April and May as we cannot tolerate the humid temperatures in summer. And the months of September, October and November are also preferable with the normal temperatures.

Average Temps in Savannah GA

Cool Things to do in Savannah GA:

Now you got an idea about Savannah city and its weather. So, here are some of the Cool Things to do in Savannah GA during your trip. Let’s have a look…..Scroll down.

Wormsloe Plantation:

  • To those who are nature lovers, this is the perfect place to visit. Though it is a mossy Oaktree plantation, there is a beautiful way like a tunnel through the huge oak trees which allow the visitors to pass by. Another interesting fact regarding this plantation is that still, it is being under the same Noble Jones’s family.

Bonaventure Cemetery:

  • A tour which includes ghost hunt is very thrilling, right? Yes, Bonaventure Cemetery is also a historic cemetery which provides a ghost tour for visitors. Or else we can get a guided tour on the every month second Sunday.

Tybee Island:

  • It is a type of small barrier island which is 18 miles ahead to Savannah. The day time is perfect to visit the island which includes a historic palace of  Fort Pulaski and also a lighthouse. This Fort Pulaski is a type of monument which is built in the 1800s.

Forsyth Park:

  • A Savannah trip is incomplete without a visit to this Forsyth Park. As the name park says that it contains a lot of oak trees greenery with fountains.  We can relax here for a while during your trip because it has worth relaxing environment.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist:

  • This is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Georgia. The interior of this church has spectacular arts and designs. This is also the historic place of 1876 which was destroyed and rebuilt in 1898. The Catholic church opens from Monday to Saturday with an entry cost of 2$. However, the timings are 9:00 AM-11:45 A.M in the morning and 12:45 P.M-5:00 P.M in the evening.

Olde Pink House:

  • Are you Starving and wanna dine out? Then there is a restaurant which has the 18th-century architecture with the modern southern cuisine. It is one of the city’s popular restaurants to eat and relax.

Leopold’s Icecream:

  • As said earlier, this is the oldest city in the US, it even has the oldest Icecream since 1919. It has the oldest flavours along with the new one. You should taste the famous signature ice cream flavour of tutti fruity.

Savannah GA Beaches:

Savannah GA Beaches

Spend the time not only with places but also at Savannah GA Beaches. Well, some of them are

  • Tybee Island Beach
  • Hilton Head Island
  • Forest Beach
  • Islanders Beach Park
  • South Beach
  • Edisto Beach Town of