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Once in a Lifetime Vacation Curacao Caribbean Island | Tips

Curacao Caribbean Island

Traveling to a vacation during holidays will give a new spirit and refreshment to lead your further life. So, travel to the places which are close to nature for better refreshment like islands. Among those islands, Curacao Caribbean Island is one of the best for the vacation spot. But the questions are Where is Curacao Caribbean Island located, Curacao hotels, flights to Curacao Caribbean. So, just follow the Once in a Lifetime Vacation Curacao Caribbean Island article for more information.

Once in a Lifetime Vacation Curacao Caribbean Island

Where is Curacao Caribbean Island located

It is on the continental shelf of South America. So, it geographically belongs to South America. This is one of the six island territories of Netherland Antilles. In addition, it has the beautiful beaches and National parks. It divided mainly into 2 halves namely, Bandariba and Bandabou. The capital city is Willemstad is in Bandariba part. The average temperature will vary from 25 °C – 31 °C. Generally, people spoke 4 languages of Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento. However, Dutch and Papiamento are the official languages. Though Antillean guilder is the official currency, US dollar also accepts here.

Flights to Curacao Caribbean

Things to do in Once in a Lifetime Vacation Curacao Caribbean Island:

Scuba diving 

  • This diving will perform at the coral, sand, rock spot of the beach.


  • Beaches of Playa Kalki, Playa Lagun, Cas Abo Beach has the spots of Snorkeling.

Boat Tours

  • Places of Ocean Encounters, Mermaid Boat Trips, Pelican Boat trip provide boat trips for the people.

Water Sports

  • Sports like Jetski, Speedboat, flyboat are available in Curacoa.

Off-Road tours

  • ATV and Buggy Tours are the type of Off-road tours in Curacao.

Visiting Kenepa Beach

  • This beach is in the capital city of the Curacao, Willemstad. It is a small beach between the rocks of the bay.

Klein Curacao

  • This is a tiny island of area 0.66 sq km of area. However, it is a gorgeous place with lots of rocks and coral, shipwrecks,  a long sandy beach, some beach huts, and a course of turtles.

Sight-Seeing Tours

  • Willemstad city tour, shopping, Sea Aquarium, Queen Emma bridge… are the places for the sightseeing in Curacao.

Dolphin Academy

  • Here the dolphins allow us t swim and interact with them.

Playa Porto Marie

  • It is a white coral sand beach with clean and calm water. This beach also has the unique double reef.

Curacao Hotels:

Where is Curacao Caribbean Island located

  • ACOYA Curacao Resort, Villas & Spa.
  • Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.
  • Avila Beach Hotel.
  • Bayside Boutique Hotel.
  • Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites.
  • Lions Beach Resort.

Flights to Curacao Caribbean:

Curacao Hotels

The direct flights to Curacao Caribbean are available from Europe, North America, and South America to Curacao Islands. Airlines of KLM and Canada Air are the biggest airlines that fly to Curacao.