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How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass | Details of Pikepass

How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass

This article is very helpful for the people who are using Oklahoma turnpikes regularly. It is a very time-consuming process near turnpikes for paying cash tolls. So, Oklahoma Government introduced pikepass by Oklahoma Turnpikes Authority. Follow here for How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass?

Before getting in deep let’s know what is a Pikepass and How it works..?

How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass

What is Oklahoma Pikepass

This is a type of electronic toll collection in Oklahoma by its State Department. It was introduced in the year 1991. This is a very easy process for paying cash tolls. Which it includes a prepaid toll to apply and create an account for it.


How does it work

  • A Sticker will be received by the customer who applied for it.
  • He has to stick the tag at the winds of his/her vehicle.

Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass store

  • There is a special passage for these pikepass holders. So, when they pass through a passage automatically the system will credit some amount of money form the users’ amount.
  •  It will record toll at a speed of 198 km/hr.

How to Apply

There are 3 ways to apply


How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass store online

Here is the process of applying Oklahoma Pikepass.

  • Before applying, one should have proofs and information regarding driving license, Credit or Debit card information, details of the vehicle you want to apply.
  • Then go to the official site of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.
  • Fill up all the details mentioned.
  • After the application, you will receive a Sticker to your mentioned mail ID.
  •  Apply the Sticker on the windshield of your registered vehicle.
  • There is also a portable option for applying the sticker to the cars of the same class and costs over 25 dollars.
  • If you are doing more than 20 transactions in a month the user get a saving of 5% after every 20th transaction.
  • In case of lost or stolen or forgot the user has to inform for customer care center to avoid fines.

Through a call

  • Make a call to 1-800-745-3727 and by providing appropriate information.

By Visiting Pikepass Store

  • By carrying the above-mentioned information before online visit the store for a manual application.

How to Apply for Oklahoma Pikepass store