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How to reach April the Giraffe | Travel to Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe

Do you know that this April the giraffe is a famous animal on the internet? Well some of you right. It is a normal giraffe until 2017 but she got worldwide fame after its birth giving video went viral on the internet. Now here are some of the details about April the Giraffe and its video and How to reach April the Giraffe.

How to reach April the Giraffe

About this Giraffe:

This Somali giraffe was born in 2002 at the Catskill game park, New York. She was then sent to Animal Adventure Park at the age of 13 years. There she has mated with Oliver a male giraffe and got pregnant. It was her fourth pregnancy. Generally, giraffe pregnancy time is about 17 months.

How to reach April the Giraffe tajiri

After 17 months, it gave a birth to a baby giraffe Tajiri in 2017. However, she got worldwide fame through a live stream video on YouTube by giving birth to this baby giraffe Tajiri. This Live stream got over 232 Milion views. Recently it was again conceived by Oliver. It’s due in 2019 Spring.

April the Giraffe

How to reach April the Giraffe:

Step one in traveling April is to get to the Animal Adventure Park, that is positioned in Harpersville, NewYork, approximately 15 mins down i-88 from Binghamton, and approximately hours from the New York state capital, Albany. In case you’re coming from out of doors of New York, your pleasant guess is to fly either right here or to NewYork metropolis, then hire a vehicle and make the force to Harpersville. Currently, public buses do now not run all the way to Harpersville, simplest to Binghamton.

How to reach April the Giraffe about

Regardless of how you intend to visit animal journey park, don’t move to reserve your tickets just yet. So if you display up before then you may be disillusioned. Sarcastically, attempting to go to April the giraffe all through the month of April isn’t a very good idea!