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Peaks of the Balkans Trail | Details of Balkan Mountain Peak

Peaks of the Balkans Trail

Have you heard about the Balkan war, you might have studied in history books right! But generally, it is also the most beautiful places of nature where we can go for an adventures trip. This article will provide an information regarding one of the beautiful places of Balkan. For more information like Peaks of the Balkans Trail, Musala Hike, Balkan Mountains,  just scroll to the below article.

Peaks of the Balkans Trail

About Balkan Mountains:

This is the peninsula with border seas of Aegean sea, Ionian sea, Adriatic sea, and black sea. The word Balkan means the chain of wooded mountains in the Ottoman Turkish language. This Balkan region was initial under Europe. After the Balkan war, it became a republic with few of its states. This Balkan war took place in 19122-1913. It has the mountains for trekking and climbing also. These Balkan mountains are famous for its fauna and flora. Some of the mountains are,

Balkan Mountains

  • Musala
  • Botev peak
  • Vitosha
  • Vihren
  • Mount Olympus

Musala Hike:

Musala Hike

This is the highest peak in the entire Balkan region. The word musala means Near God in the Arabic language. This is the 7 highest peak in Europe. The average temperature is about -2.3 °C and even having snowfall also. This mountain is in the Rila National Park.

Peaks of the Balkans Trail

Some of the standard routes to the peaks of Blakan trails.

Balkan war

Mt Hajla :

Mt Hajla may not look like much from underneath, but rather it has astonishing perspectives from the best into Kosovo and Montenegro. This is a short side excursion between the towns of Reka e Allages and Drelaj, Kosovo, the two of which are on the standard Peaks of the Balkans trail.

Mt Gjeravica :

An elective trail from the shepherd town of Dobërdol, Albania to the highest point of Mt Gjeravica, the most elevated top in Kosovo (2656m). Plunge past turquoise ice sheet lakes while in transit to the town of Gropa Erenikut, Kosovo.

Valbona to Çerem:

Skip the standard course and go rather by means of Qafa Perslopit and Stanet e Derzhanes. This course requires a testing 1200m ascension, however, the perspectives of Valbona’s stone pinnacles and the stroll through valleys loaded up with shepherd’s hovels attempts.

Vermosh– Mt Grebenit– Lëpushë– Mt Talijanka– Grbaja Valley:

This awesome two-day reroute starts close Plav, Montenegro, and conveys a portion of the best scenes in the whole district. The plunge from Mt Talijanka incorporates stunning perspectives of the rock pinnacles of the Karanfil Mountains on the fringe of Albania and Montenegro.

Lake Koman Ferry:

If you start (or end) your trek by means of Valbona and Shkodra, Albania, you can take the traveler ship crosswise over Lake Koman. For only 500 lek (€4) you’ll appreciate a standout amongst the most excellent and generally unfamiliar pontoon rides on the planet.