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Queens New York Long Island Railroad | Travel Tips

Queens New York Long Island Railroad

Queens New York Long Island Railroad is a commuter rail service in the Southeastern part of the U.S in Newyork city. It is abbreviated as LIRR. In this heavily populated city, it is the best to travel in LIRR to reach our destinations fast.Queens New York Long Island RailroadThis is the fastest system but sometimes the train will delay due to some problems in the system. However, thousands of Queen’s people travel every day on the Long Island Railroad for their jobs and for other purposes.

If there is any problem with subway trains people around LIRR are lucky to have this because this is an alternative to travel for them.

Queens Surroundings LIRR Lines:

There are 23 stations which are Surrounding by Queens village. People from Queens village can catch the trains from these stations.QueensLong Island Railroad

  • Queens Village – Hempstead LIRR line.
  • Forest Hills – This is the main LIRR line.
  • Jamaica – Main LIRR Hub and main LIRR line.
  • Kew Gardens – Main LIRR line.
  • Laurelton – Far Rockaway LIRR line.
  • Hollis – Hempstead LIRR line.
  • Little Neck – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Woodside – Port Washington and main LIRR line.
  • St.Albans –  West Hempstead LIRR line.
  • Locust manner – Far Rockaway LIRR line.
  • Rosedale – Far Rockaway LIRR line.
  • Far Rockaway – Far Rockaway LIRR line.
  • Bellerose – Hempstead LIRR line.
  • Auburndale – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Flushing-Murray hill – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Flushing-Broadway – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Flushing-Meadows – Port Washington LIRR line. This is very Strictly service.
  • Bayside – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Douglaston – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Flushing-Main street – Port Washington LIRR line.
  • Floral Park – Hempstead LIRR line.
  • Long Island City and Hunters Point Avenue. These two are limited services.

Long Island Railroad Ticket Cost:

If you have time to buy tickets before boarding the train at a ticket machine or ticket window you can save money. Before boarding the train the cost of the ticket is 5.75$ and after boarding the train you have to pay 6.50$. If you want to save money you have to arrive before the train time to buy the ticket.