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Best Times to See Strawberry Moon | Strawberry Moon 2018

Strawberry Moon:

What is a strawberry moon? Does it look like strawberry? No, strawberry Moon 2018 isn’t red or juicy. It just got that name as it appears around the time in North America when wild strawberries will begin to ripe.

strawberry moon

The strawberry moon 2018 appears during the warmest months of the year. We can get exact sight of a strawberry moon in the midnight in North America on June 27 on the west coast and on June 28 on the east coast.

Full Moon Names:

There are various ancient month names as Full Moon names. There is a statement that colonial Americans has taken many of the Native Americans and included them in the current calendars.

However, most of the names are the combination of Anglo-Saxon, Native American and Germanic month names.

In some years there will be 13 full Moons. Blue Moon is one of them, it just doesn’t fit within the old Full Moon naming system. Mead Moon, Rose Moon and Hot Moon are the other names

Best time to see Strawberry Moon 2018:

The best time to watch the full Moon is when it is rising over the eastern horizon. The view is best when the Moon is low in the horizon. It is easy to capture the view with the objects in the foreground, the moon appears bigger.

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When is the Next Full Moon?

In North America, That next Blood Moon is on January 20, 2019.