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Things to do This Long Weekend in Canada | Trips Ideas

Things to do This Long Weekend in Canada

We all wait for the Long Weekend every month. A long weekend means free time to spend on yourself. Everyone will find a way to relieve the stress. So, the best option is to go for a vacation. In that account, Canada is one of the best places for the vacations. But what are the Things to do This Long Weekend in Canada is the Question, right? Well, follow the article to know more details about the next long weekend in Canada.

Things to do This Long Weekend in Canada

Next Long Weekend in Canada:

A long Weekend is a type of non-working days where the country holidays or festival comes adjacent to the normal weekends. This long weekend starts from the 3 days holidays to a whole week. But in some countries when a single holiday comes on Tuesday or Thursday then the day between the weekend and these single holidays will consider as non-working days.

Some of the next long Weekends in Canada are

  • Remembrance Day- Nov 11- Sunday
  • Christmas Day- Dec 25- Tuesday
  • Boxing Day- Dec 26- Wednesday
  • New Year- Jan 1- Tuesday

So, plan according to the information provided.

Next Long Weekend in Canada

Things to do This Long Weekend in Canada

Canada is one of the best vacation places in the world. Some of the things are

Lightings of Aurora

  • As this Aurora, Lightings are common in the northern places but Whitehorse is the main location to visit this Aurora lights of color

Calgary Stampede

  • At Alberta, this is the annual festival and rodeo in the month of July. People come across the world to participate in Calgary Stampede. It has the events of the exhibition, Rangeland Derby, Rodeo, Parade.

Sable Island

  • This island is the home for 500 free roaming horses. It is the only remote island where we can reach through a plane or a boat.

Eating Poutine

  • This is the Canadian dish which consists of French fries, Cheese curd, and brown gravy. Montreal’s La Banquise is the best among the Canadian poutines.

Ice Hotel

  • This Canada has one and only ice hotel near Quebec city. Hotel de Glace is made out of snow and ice. It opens from January and March depending on the weather.

The beauty of Niagara waterfalls

  • Niagara Falls is the collective name of 3 waterfalls namely American falls, Horse Shoe Falls and Bridal veil falls. This fall bestrides the international borders of  Canadian Ontario and American New York.

The Rockies

  • The Rocky Mountains of Canada does not require any stamina to reach the summit, it just needs the hours. These Canadian Rockies are the home for 5 national parks.

Okanagan Valley

  • The climate of this region help for the vegetation of grapes. So, this is the best for the wine lovers. This valley is surrounded by British columbo lakes and mountains.

Whistler Blackcomb Resort

  • It is the Ski resort located in the north of Vancouver which hosts the world winter athletes. Whistler and Blackcomb are the 2 mountains peaks which are either side of the deep valley. It has 4 Gondolas, 4 chairlifts, and 15 Surface Lifts

Visting Drumheller

  • This is the dinosaur capital of the world where the number of dinosaur fossils is available in the badlands of southern Alberta. From the 1800’s till now they were 400 skeletons of dinosaurs were found under the earth of this place.

Old Quebec

  • This place is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage site. This is the beautiful place to visit which has the cobblestones paths and coppers roofs.

Ice Hockey playing

  • The Canadian culture also includes ice hockey as a national past-time sport, where most of the youth in Canada plays this sport all around the year.

So, pack your bags and book tickets by the Next Long Weekend in Canada and visit the places mentioned above.