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Walley World Amusement park in California | Real Walley World

Walley World Amusement park in California

Everyone is thinking the Walley World Amusement park in California is a real place or not. Yes, of course, but what we have seen in the movies is Six Flags Magic Mountains in Valencia California. There are some similarities between the Walley World and Walt Disney World. In Walt Disney, there is a mickey mouse and in Walley, we see a mouse.

Walley World Amusement

Walley World In Films:

The blockbuster movie National Lampoons Vacation film or Vacation movie starred by chevy dase and Clark Griswold family. Travel across the country to visit the amusement park in California the Walley World. During their journey, some side casts Christie Brinkley and her red Ferrari disturbing their attention but finally, they reach the park. At the entrance, a talking moose meet and says them the park is closed due to repairs and maintenance.

Walley World Amusement park in CaliforniaIn 2015 Sequence of this film just Vacation came and once again hits the screens with the blockbuster. In this film, the Americas favorite family fun park is closing permanently the gates. So, its an urgency trip those who want to visit this park. But the destination is the same.

In 2015 the production department doesn’t use the Six magic mountains instead of this they use Six flags in Georgia. It looks similar to California park most of this film lovers didn’t find the difference.Walley World Amusement park

Real Walley World:

 It is a Water amusement park in Ontario in Canada also called as East Park of London but there is a slight difference in spelling “Wally World”. Due to legal reasons, the name is changed in films the actual name is Wally. But in this park, there is no talking moose nor Christie Brinkley and her Ferrari.